High Precision Fluid
Dispensing Systems
  • Benchtop Fluid Dispensing Robot KTS 400

    Kintai’s KTS-400 Benchtop Fluid Dispensing Robot,
    Standard working range 400x400x100 mm, with
    Servo Motor and Ball screw Linear Motion System,
    efficiently reduce alignment errors, highly improve
    dispensing accuracy and reduce production cost.
    Comparing with traditional hand-held teach pendant
    control method, KTS-400 is configured with
    specialized vision-guided CCD camera, touch
    screen LCD, three-dimensional motion control allow
    easy programming of dots, lines, circles, arcs, and
    compound arcs. Innovative design of hiding computer and controller in robot body allow a smaller footprint. easy to move,
    simplify use and maintenance.

  • Inline Selective Coating JTS 04

    The JTM-04 automatic selective coating system
    provides both speed and flexibility and it is ideal for
    mid-volume, high accuracy application. Additional
    features and options can be added to the coaters
    as production needs change.
    The Kintai specialized coating software provides an
    easy-to-use interface with offline programming
    The system can be configured with many different
    dispense and spray valves, including the high
    speed airless Curtain valve. Up to three valves can
    be mounted on the independent Z axis, with two
    capable of tilting and rotating (360 degree)

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