Stencil Printer Paste Adding & Proile Intelligent Systems
  • Solder Paste Automatic Adding Device

    Product function of solder paste automatic adding device:

    Automatic quantitative solder paste adding

    It can be added anywhere within a certain range

    Real time monitoring of temperature humidity

    Easy / convenient operation

    Servo motor control, precise addition

    Applicable to all brands of printing machines

    It can realize remote monitoring multi machine mode

    Product features of solder paste automatic adding device:

    It can be moved to add, to ensure the solder paste plane is even

    No need to change solder paste package, saving cost

    Real time monitoring of temperature humidity to improve printing quality

    Servo motor control, precise addition

    Applicable to all brand printers on the market

    Realize one person multiple machines, reduce labor cost

  • Eight channel furnace temperature tester

    Eight channel furnace temperature tester product function:

    Tolerance curve, which can be compared with two groups of temperature curves

    High temperature any time temperature

    Network edit zoom curve zoom display

    Location name PCB diagram of temperature sampling point

    Company name, product name remark information input

    Horizontal temperature line, vertical time time between two times

    Report can be printed data can be exported

    Features of eight channel furnace temperature tester:

    Exquisite appearance

    Li-On rechargeable

    8-Channel, general for electronics factory

    With Bluetooth function wireless transmission

    Heat preservation bo

    x with adjustable width carrier

    Specifications parameters of eight channel furnace temperature tester:

    Equipment model: kc8b II

    Thermocouple: Type K

    Working voltage: 3V

    Measurement accuracy: 1 ℃

    Sensitivity: – 90dbm

    Bluetooth power: 20dbm

    Output resistance: 50 Ω

    Working frequency: 2.4GHz

    Transmission rate: 115200bps

    Measurement range: 0-500 ℃

    Record points: 135000

    Transmission distance: 100m (open land)

    Application: wave soldering / reflow soldering temperature recording

    Battery: explosion proof lithium battery, 3.2V, 800MAH

    Boundary dimension: 175 * 84 * 21mm (L * w * h)

    Sampling frequency: settable, 0.0625s-15.9375s

    Data transmission: Bluetooth transmission, real-time monitoring

  • Intelligent system of furnace temperature curve

    Hardware parameters of intelligent system of furnace temperature curve:

    Temperature monitoring range: – 200 ℃ – 1200 ℃

    Number of high channels supported: 48 channel data acquisition

    Sampling resolution: 0.01 ℃

    Sampling accuracy: ± 0.5 ℃

    Communication mode: USB communication, network communication (strong expansibility)

    Power supply mode: 12V DC

    Link monitoring: real time measurement of chain speed of reflux furnace

    Software parameters of intelligent system for furnace temperature curve:

    Application platform: win7 32-bit, win7 64 bit, win8 32-bit,

    Win8 64 bit, win10 32 bit, win10 64 bit

    Language version: Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English

    Query method: time period, product name, barcode

    Process alarm: furnace curve temperature warning, conveyor belt speed warning

    Process warning, Cpk warning

    View curve parameters: according to customer barcode rules, you can view every

    Production information of a PCB

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