ESD and Quality Control Systems
  • Electrostatic Field Meter EFM51

    Handheld, portable, digital electrostatic field meter, detects and measures electrostatic fields. The electrostatic field strength value (V/m) will be automatically translated to the electrostatic potential (V) according to the preset distance. An additional field strength mode is also available.
    • Test method: Rotating chopper
    • Test range: 0 V – ± 160 kV distance mode 0 – 800 kV/m Field strength mode
    • Display: LCD display
    • Operation: Battery operated
    • Includes: ground cord, German and English user’s manual and calibration certificate

  • Surface Resistance Meter SRM110

    Pocket size, lightweight, surface resistance meter, includes carrying bag, grounding cord and calibration certificate.
    • Test range: 103– 1012 ohm
    • Test voltage: open circuit voltage 100 V
    • Operation: Battery operated
    • Display: 12 LED display
    • Probes: Built-in metal electrodes (2 external probes connection possible)

  • Surface Resistance Meter SRM200

    Pocket size surface resistance meter with LCD display. Includes conductive carrying case, grounding cord, USB-Cable, calibration certificate and software for reading the saved test data.
    • Integrated temperature- and humidity-sensor
    • Test range: 103 – 1012 ohm
    • Test voltage: open circuit voltage 100 V (switches automatically above > 1 MOhm)
    • Operation: Battery operated
    • Display: LCD-Display
    • Probes: Built-in electrodes with conductive rubber
    • with memory and USB connection to PC
    • 2 external probes connection possible

  • Personnel Grounding Tester PGT120

    Measures personnel grounding including user´s identification and test values documentation (required by DIN ISO 9000 for example). The identification of a person is performed with a Transponder on the right shoe and/or Transponder CARDS.
    • Simultaneous measurement of wrist strap and footwear according to DIN EN 61340-5-1
    • Measurement takes < 1,5 sec for personnel identification, wrist strap and footwear tests
    • Separate right and left foot test values
    • Transponder personnel identification system
    • Access control of protected zones and EPA´s through the door opener
    • Audible and visible test signal
    • Programmable test voltage and resistance values
    • Configuration and data transfer through the RS 232 port or the Ethernet network card
    • Integral memory for saving personnel data and test values (10.000 test values and 5.000 personnel records)
    • Network connection of up to 64 instruments
    • Software for “PGT2000-Manager” Windows®

  • Metriso 3000 Test-kit

    Metriso® 3000 – test kit includes: digital high resistance tester, temperature and relative humidity sensor, USB port, PC software ETC for Windows®, 2 probes, a hand-held probe with connecting cable, user’s instructions in German, English and French, calibration certificate, conductive carrying case fitted with dissipative pink foam.
    • Suitable for resistance point-to-point and resistance to ground measurements
    • Integrated data logger with USB communication port for data transmission (50.000 test values). The supplied Report Generating Software ETC allows to generate a complete test report
    • Clip-on humidity and temperature sensor
    • A barcode scanner can be used in order to record test points before testing

  • Portable Benchtop Ionizer ENDSTAT 2020

    • Compact and portable, quickly neutralizes static charges
    • Effective area 30 x 150 cm
    • Unique point cleaner
    • Integrated 2 speed fan
    • Inherently balanced to ± 15 V
    • AC technology, Ozone generation: 0,01 ppm,
    measured 15 cm in front of the unit

    Size: 145 x 210 x 95 mm (W x H x D)

  • Overhead Ionizer AEROSTAT GUARDIAN CR2000

    • Cleanroom class 10 compatible
    • Neutralization of electrostatic charges at work areas
    • Patented emitter point cleaner
    • Variable speed fans
    • Fan speed lockout switch
    • AC- Technology
    • Inherently balanced to ± 5 V
    • Built-in ionization and balance monitoring
    • Ozone generation: 0,02 ppm, measured 30 cm in front of the unit

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