Degreasing and Cleaning Systems
  • BIO-CIRCLE GT-i Maxi

    The GT-i parts washer: For excellent results in parts cleaning. Always ready for use and with the best cleaning quality. More productive, easier to use and more sustainable than ever before.

  • Matching Liquids

    The BIO-CIRCLE L cleaners are innovative, effective surfactant cleaners for use in the BIO-CIRCLE GT-i parts washer.

    The clou: The microorganisms in the cleaners break down the removed oil and thus guarantee a long service life.

    The BIO-CIRCLE GT-i parts washers with recirculation and filter system ensure thorough cleaning and degreasing of tools and small parts in the maintenance-, production-, manufacturing- and service sectors. The must-have for every industry!

    BIO-CIRCLE L: Cleaning and degreasing of everyday soiling

    BIO-CIRCLE L Ultra: Ultra-strong with high cleaning activity! For the most persistent soiling such as bitumen, anti-corrosion waxes, burnt-in grease and oil, etc.

    BIO-CIRCLE L Evo: Strong, powerful, and versatile! For many materials, medium to heavy and persistent soiling, and for all BIO-CIRCLE GT-i parts washers, hot-water parts washers, and high-pressure parts washers!

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