LOCTITE Adhesives Solutions
  • Conformal Coating

    Shielding electronic function from external influences ensures long product life cycles for harsh marine, automotive, medical and consumer electronics applications

  • Die Attach Material

    Process flexibility and superior performance underscore Henkel’s complete portfolio of die attach pastes for lead frame devices

  • Encapsulant

    Liquid encapsulants deliver protection from moisture, water and solder overflow during thermal processing, while reinforcing mechanical strength.

  • Hot Melt Adhesives

    Enables a simple, fast bond for high-speed manufacturing

  • Light Cure Adhesive (UV)

    Single component formulations provide solvent-free adhesion while still curing in seconds when exposed to light.

  • Surface Mount Adhesive (Chipbonder)

    Surface Mount Adhesives are used to hold components in place during component placement and soldering.

  • Thermal Conductive Adhesive

    To address the thermal demands of today’s electronic devices, Henkel has developed a complete portfolio of high-performance, user-friendly products.

  • Underfills

    Full or partial underfill solutions with fast cure, room temperature flowability, high reliability, reworkability, and excellent SIR performance

  • Anti-Seize

    Protection in extreme environments

  • Gasketing Sealant

    Gasketing sealant solutions to ensure intact and leak-free seals and resistance to high temperatures, pressure, and vibrations

  • Instant Adhesive

    Instant adhesives made for a fast and reliable bond

  • Retaining Compound

    Retaining Compounds are adhesives used to secure bearings, bushings, gears and cylindrical parts onto housings or shafts.

  • Solder Materials

    Long-term, reliable electrical function begins with solder joint integrity

  • Structural Bonding

    Formulated to provide tough, durable bonds to a wide variety of surfaces

  • Threadlockers

    Eliminate fastener loosening because failure is not an option.

  • Threadsealants

    Thread sealants prevent fluid leaks on metal pipes and joints

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